Ruinas Bodegas Clunia

About us

The virtue of extremity

Ancient history. In this plateau, on these vineyards, the plough whispers chronicles from past times, marked on coins and other traces of that Roman settlement which once inhabited this land where today our vines grow. The plots ‘EL GERBAL’ and ‘LA ENCINA’, situated at more than 900 metres, are harvested by hand in small baskets, as was once the custom in Burgos more than two centuries ago. Some seem to grow stronger in a harsh environment. Great civilizations made of this hard, high, rocky and unfriendly land their home many centuries ago. They knew of the virtues of extremes.

The recent history of Clunia was born in the late 90s. Clunia is the answer to a winemaking project, a dream and a need to make wine that reflects the virtues of extremes. No additives. Wine from a land with centuries of experience. An arid land with a rough composition, at and extreme altitude and in a harsh climate. It was in such conditions that our longing was born to create the wines which are today a reality: The wines from Clunia.